Professional Recording Studio Services

Grammy Recognized Music Engineer, Gold and Platinum Awarded, Hundreds of Artists… Over 25 Million in Sales

Mike Tarsia Recording is a full service recording studio and audio facility with secure FTP access. Some of the professional services include:

  • Music Recording & Mixing
  • Music Production
  • Voice Over
  • Mastering and Forensic Audio Enhancement

Music Recording and Mixing

RIAA and Grammy™ recognized music engineering with over 30 years experience recording and mixing all genres of music for every level of musical expertise. Mike Tarsia Recording is your solution to making your song or album sound the BEST they can be. Major label quality is an often-misused phrase, just like mp3 being likened to “CD quality”. MTR’s recording and mixing services are what YOU envision them to be. If you need help we can also provide you with production advice that will compliment and not change your unique style

Music Production

We offer a full compliment of production services from song writing, co writing, arrangement, musicians, song and mix production. Mike Tarsia Recording has a large network of professional creative people to enhance you music production. Whether it be Pop, R&B, Gospel, Rock or Hip Hop, our decades long relationships with top music talent ensures that if you need something other than basic recording services, we can provide an affordable means to achieve your goals.

Voice Over

From basic VO recording to Talent search MTR has the resources to see your project through. Whether is a 30 sec. radio spot or a talking book we have done it and are expert at it. We also offer a talent locator service that allows you to preview talent before you decide who announces on your critical production.

Mastering and Forensic Audio Enhancement

Clarity and optimum sound enrichment is the hallmark of our 1 and 2 track audio services. With a vast array of audio sweetening and defining technology, Mike Tarsia Recording has the means and experience to put the finishing touches on your music or forensic mastering projects. We have mastered for a variety of artists and done audio forensic work for law enforcement and legal clients. Mastering is the final touch to any audio presentation. At MTR, we are committed to providing you the highest quality in service.