“David Foster [Chicago and numerous multi-platinum Productions] asked me how you got such fat bottom on the tracks you cut for us”

– Gerald Levert to Mike during a session break

“You make me sing”

– Patti Labelle on her Grammy R&B vocalist winning album “Burnin

“Man you know just where to punch my grooves… you want a back massage?”

– Billy Preston to Mike Tarsia after as overdub session

“To everyone who gave their support, love, time and talent in making this album, I give my thanks and a “gratitude-heart” always… Everyone Sigma Sound, Michael Tarsia… from one dog lover to another woof woof”

– Sheena Easton

“Ya really wanna try Hagggies…?  I have some in my freezer…we look at it but don’t eat it”

– Alan Gorrie [Average White Band] during tracking with the band

“Mike..the best in the biz. It was an Honor to have ever worked with you”

– Men At Large

“I cleaned your car out for you and left a box of tissues on the rear deck” 

– Alan Lanier [Blue Oyster Cult] to Mike after a weekend break from heavy metal session

“You are the best”

– J. Curtis American Idol contestant

“A crowning achievement and a winner from start to finish.. The recording
was done live with no overdubs and features Richard Ray on guitar, vocals and
occasional harmonica on the rack. Acoustic Roots was recorded, mixed and mastered
by 2 time Grammy recognized engineer Mike Tarsia of Philadelphia, PA” David Evans: blues historian, author, professor of music, and
Grammy recognized engineer…

“Hey Mike, the disk is killin & one critic from Canada called it “easily the
best acoustic blues recording in many years”, all thanks to you bro! Richard -Richard to Mike on the second CD

“The first thing you notice about this disc is the beautiful, crystal-clear sound<
which is usually only found on Audiophile pressings. So kudos right away to recording,
mixing and mastering performed by one Michael Tarsia.”

– A.Grigg, Real Blues Magazine, Canada

“Mike thanx for all your help on our web cast, you really are a great engineer. Rock On.”

– Hit The Ground running

“What up crazy guy the best in the biz Mike ‘Tasmanian Devil’ Tarsia”

– Casino Joe

“Mike Tarsia is a musical genius when it comes to recording. We had a blast in the studio
laying down our EP. Our collaboration got us on a Drive Thru Records compilation CD with : Fall Out Boy, Jack’s Mannequin, The Format, and lots more!

-– Joey from Emo band Overise

“Mike had major surgery on his shoulder in the middle of our project, he was on
powerful pain medication and his dominate hand side was taped to his chest. He came to
the studio in a bathrobe [he couldn’t dress himself] to help us finish our project
on time… he gave 110%… you don’t want to see him in his bathrobe!”

-– The Helots’ Chris Bye

“Thanks for all your help St. Albome. I enjoy and try to learn
as much as I can about playing from being in the same room with someone
who is a sound genius and has so much experience as him.”

-– John Manghan [bassist and bass instructor]

“Mike helped co produce my CD and I loved discussing philosophy and music with him after hours during the album we did together.

Music is the common thread that brings people together. Mike understood that, and it revealed itself as we created into the wee hours of the night. There are plenty of technically proficient engineers, but only so many who you can connect with on other levels… even if it is over a bottle of Jack Daniels!”

-– Mike Montrey

“with fond memories… I hope”

-– David Bowie after Mike recorded his live radio concert/interview

“I like to get the engineers attention”

-– Hank Williams Jr. to Mike after he tried to fool him on a session with Leon Redbone

“Hey Mike,
Thank you for the great job mastering our CD. WOW, you really made it come alive. Very impressive. It’s a privilege to work with quality people like you. All the best to you and thanks again.”

-– Sterling Koch, 61 South